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September 6, 2014
by Charles Kerr

Tryouts: Rescheduled (Again and Again)

NC State students that attended Wednesday's storm shortened tryout.

NC State students that attended Wednesday’s storm shortened tryout.

[UPDATED Thursday 1:30 pm]

Steady rain has forced the cancellation of the tryouts that were rescheduled for Monday and then Tuesday.  The last night of tryouts are now scheduled for the night of Thursday, Sept 11th, and being held at the Method Rd fields at NC State.  We will start at 5:00 pm and end at about 7:30 pm.


With two of the three tryout days cut short due to weather, there will be one final day of tryouts scheduled for Monday, Sept 8th at Method Rd.

With most of the numbers collected and drills run, this final day will be primarily devoted to scrimmaging.  Well over 100 NC State students tried out for the team last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. But with a full Development Squad being put in place for the upcoming season, the team will have lots of slots to fill.

Rescheduled Tryout

Location: Method Rd

Time: 6:00 – 8:30

Notes: bring white and dark shirt, water, and cleats

Thanks for the patience with the weather — see you Monday.

September 2, 2014
by Charles Kerr

Ultimate Tryouts: Sept 2-4

It's the NFL Comnbine here at NC State. But it's Ultimate.

It’s the NFL Combine here at NC State. But it’s Ultimate.

Interested in representing NC State and playing against UNC, UNC-W, Florida, Virginia, and over 600 other teams from around the country? Interested in being on a team and helping us reach our goal of qualifying for college nationals next spring? Of being at the sport’s premier event and on ESPN?

Tryouts for the team run from Sept 2-4 on Miller Field starting at 6:00pm.

The University of Colorado won the 2014 College Championships and are longtime State rivals. We’re looking for athletes, regardless of height or frisbee throwing ability, that can make plays like this:

Stanley Peterson, Junior, Colorado, 2014 ESPN semi-final Colorado vs. Oregon

Bring: your student ID, a white shirt, a dark shirt, plenty of water, cleats if you have them.
Date and Time: 6:00-9:00pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. If you have any conflicts during these times make the tryouts you can. The more we see you the better your chances of impressing coaches and team captains.Location: Miller Field, NC State.

No experience required (seriously): We aren’t necessarily looking for ultimate players, we’re also looking for pure, super competitive, athletes. If you have an athletic background, we can turn you into an ultimate player.

August 30, 2014
by Charles Kerr

Did You Huck It With Republic Wireless?

The Republic Wireless series of pickup ultimate games held August 27 and 28th had perfect weather and over 400 people came to Miller Field to Huck It with Republic!

Hungry Howie’s provided pizza and gave away coupons for the Hungry Howie’s Tennis Ball Chuck.

Some came out to (1) run around, some came out to (2) throw frisbees at the Republic Wireless Android man, some (3) for pizza, and some (4) because they want to join the men’s or women’s ultimate club teams at NC State . If you’re a #4, click here to signup and get more information on tryouts.

Photographer: Sledge Slatter, Republic Wireless

Photographer: Sledge Sattler, Republic Wireless


August 18, 2014
by Charles Kerr

Kris Bass: World Champion!

Incoming NC State coach Kris Bass (’99 College Champion and NC State captain) can now add a World Championship medal to his trophy case! Kris captained the top Masters team from the Triangle, Boneyard, to a World Title this summer in Lecco, Italy, at the 2014 World Club Championships!

Included on the team were fellow ’99 alumni Kevin Kusy, Jesse Overby, and Mike Moore, as well as former captain Dave Snoke.

Congratulations to Coach Bass and company!


August 18, 2014
by Charles Kerr

Ultimate Pickup: Huck It With Republic Wireless!

Huck It With Republic Wireless!

Come out and play Ultimate and meet the men and women of the NC State Ultimate teams! Prizes, pizza and lots of fun.

Games are on two nights: Wednesday August 27th and Thursday the 28th on Miller Field. Games start at 5:30 but come anytime and you’ll be assigned to one of 10 or more teams.

Bring a light and dark shirt along with cleats (if you got them) and water.

For more information on the women’s NC State ultimate team, click here and check back here for more information on the Huck It With Republic Wireless! pickup games.

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